Another Home


Take me to a place where the sun shines.
Breathe into me life
Sky never stop
My sweethearts Blue
You’re beautiful and daring
You take away the pain
“The hills are alive…With the…”
On the tip of my tongue
Twirling in mud
Smell of horses so déja vu
Oh how a love seeing you
With brown eyes
Secrets between us
Still untold

Take me to my other home
Wash my shoes
Peel away the dirt
On my heart and in my mind
Tickle me silly
Laughing I say “stop!”

The endless nights, eyes so wide
“When Berlin was like New York…”
Stuck on repeat
Takes me back to my other home
A scene I’ll never forget
Where someone leans in
Tossing me lyrics
They feel familiar
Like words I’ve heard or tried to write
A song written by a stranger
Given to me by someone
I’m hoping to say
I know so well

It’s so hard to go in blind
Like living in a snowstorm
Everything to be seen
Dazzled in furious white
I’m not lying, no I can’t tell
What’s ahead
And I dare say that’s
For I don’t want to know
No please!
Don’t tell me

So instead sing me a song
A voice untrained
But beautiful all the same
And dance with me
Till the sun comes
Accompanied by that
Sweet old tune
When which I hear
Everything is

I’m twelve inches deep in snow
It’s home
But now not my only one
I’m not lost this time, or grieving so long
I’m twirling
Such delight
For looking back is bliss
The only pain a teaspoon size
I’ve been there, I’ve done that
It happened
It can

And hope is a
Still a bit tender to the touch
My head doesn’t want it
My heart always will
For whom I was sure
Not so now

The secret was mine

Now I’ve given it away
And like with a bird
I’ve no way of knowing
If freeing it was me
Doing right
Or simply hoping the legend
Of loving and letting go
Was all I had in mind
As I said goodbye

So it is no longer mine
Perhaps it never was
Words hard to relinquish
But when done
Is white light
And that brings me to another scene
And I can’t help but smile
In memory
Shifting the doubt
Shoveling the whispered
Unkind words away
I’m letting go to find
Everything is hope
Everything is on the way