Stepping into Beauty


It was like a revelation as I stepped into the water, swim cap and goggles, high expectations, and high apprehension.

On a Monday I decided to find beauty, after a frustrating weekend, in Lake Michigan, over the hill from our house and to the right.

I’m going to be upfront with you that despite living so close to this paradise I’ve taken little advantage of it this summer. It’s strange to me because I remember being small and wanting nothing else but to get in the water and never ever get out.

A rather distinct memory is one where I floated on my belly, inches from the shore, and watched my whole family pack up for the day and refusing to budge even as my parents threatened to leave.

But why, out of nowhere, did I all of a sudden decide swimming was the workout for me? And the water I have completely avoided all summer suddenly turned into a blissful place to release all my pent up tension and anger?

I was inspired by my mom.

Two years ago, as some of you know, she trained and ate like a champion for two triathlon’s. I remember watching her walk in the door beaming every morning from either swimming, biking, running or all three. I didn’t recognize the amazing lifestyle she’d created for herself at the time but as I have entered into my own journey I remain with my jaw on the floor, in awe. And now, remembering how happy and alive she was, I’m on my way to discovering what made it so beautiful for her and how I can create my own such champion lifestyle.



So tossing my over-analyzation to the wind I grabbed her suit, a bottle of coconut water, and took off to the beach.

The water had been choppy the past few days and I simply hoped it would be perfectly smooth just for today. With my toes at the tip of these stairs (sometimes I think stairs might actually be the end of me) I held my breath and ran down to see.

And the water was perfection.

So again without thinking I simply chucked my stuff on the sand and ran in, where I proceeded to start “really” swimming.

I almost quit after two seconds.

If you didn’t know this already…

Swimming is HARD.

But the water was warmer than it’s been all year, the sun was out, and there was no one else on the beach.

I kept going.

And I’ll never go back. Now I know why my mom radiated joy. Now I know how to find my center and feel bigger than the simple human body my spirit inhabits. I could try to describe the experience, but you won’t know exactly till you try. So here is a bit of  the elation I felt…
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I hope you can find something like this because there is nothing else in the world that will expand you so much and leave you feeling so powerful and confidant.

I practically ran home (towards the 40 stairs that lead up to our house…yeesh!..) so excited to share with my mom.

I was a wild ball of energy, my hands were tingling, my stomach was rumbling. I gushed to my mom and it was like we were the same person.


I know a German swimmer and I’ve always teased him about his ginormous hunger. Seriously. He eats everything.


I won’t be teasing him anymore.

I replenished with a delicious, crisp apple, and a light Protein Boost – my favorite in the world – thinking it would be a good snack to hold me over till lunch.

It didn’t even come close.

The rest of the day I was so hungry 

Now I understand why my mom preached eating small meals nearly every 45 minutes during her training.


This is a snippet of her triathlon journal, the one I have cherished and looked over countless times. She lists what she drank, her training, affirmations, and goals. A way to connect to herself and to tangibly hold her progress. When I found it it was exciting, reading each page to see what she’d thought up next.


The rest of the day was a bit of a trial in terms of food, simply because I don’t think I’ve ever been that hungry, but as always I enjoyed everything I ate and learned how to do it better the next time.

Which I think is the most important, correct?

I can easily admit I am a perfectionist.

But I’m learning to let go of perfection and instead strive for a perfect effort – in reference to The Game Stands Tall, which we just saw last night – and excellence.

I stepped into change in January and I still have not stopped learning and growing, making mistakes and picking myself up.

But that is what is exciting, that is what makes this a journey not to a destination…but an amazing life.

I had a goal of swimming one more time this week after the first try.

Instead I did twice! And each time farther and faster and the second time I was able to fuel my body with a scrumptious “crunch” bar (teasing I know, recipe to come) and refuel soon after so the monstrous hunger stayed at bay.

Like I said…live and learn.

It may not be swimming for you, or even a form of excercise – though I highly recommend trying some out -…however I do encourage you to find something that can lift you up out of the ordinary to a place where you are bigger than the world around you. And that is why I am here, so we can find these moments together, support each other in change and transformation.

I’m excited to share my journey with you…

Did you find your Glamm today?

I did

And if not, just remember, there is always another day…so make it beautiful.