Binging on Burgers

What?! Gigi?! You had a burger and fries? How long has it been?! Are you crazy?!


A few days ago I was seriously craving some good ole’ American food (ok..kind of..not really..just Gigi style American food)

Since starting this adventure a lot of people have given me this weird pitying look and said something along the lines of “do you ever just miss good food?”

I just giggle and wonder what they think I’m eating all day started like this.

Don’t you just love Benen’s face? That’s the face I make when people assume I’m depriving myself.

I’d just been to the local store stuck in the produce section *** (TIP: Start your grocery shopping experience dive bombing the produce section. It actually can be super fun picking out veggies and fruits and thinking of all the possibilities, get your smart phone out and look up “paleo eggplant” or “healthy things to use squash for” and it becomes a scavenger hunt. But seriously. When you start in this section it’s way easier to avoid grabbing packaged and preserved food that in the end you really don’t want) *** and I went a little crazy…as always…glad I got those tips over the weekend!

20140911_154134We chopped off the stems, scooped out the gills, and brushed these big portobello mushrooms with some ghee (clarified butter) then stuck them in the oven at 400 for 10 minutes face down to start getting the moisture out.



Obviously you can’t have a burger without fries.

So while the bello’s were in the oven I chopped up some baby carrots (we didn’t have any regular otherwise I would have preferred those) drizzled them with some coconut oil, seasoned with salt, pepper, and plenty of paprika (mmmmmm) and then popped those in as well.

Waiting issss…not fun.

But it’s worth it most of the time.



Just stuck a grilled salmon burger in the middle, some avocado, tomato, and cud’s, and then for the fries mashed some dijon mustard with the extra avocado and taaadaaa!

It was totally messy, totally good, and totally TOTALLY whole, delicious, healthy food.

20140911_164418Look how totally American I am? Awesome.

Photo credits to Ianthe who was soooo mad at me for not sharing the “fries” after letting her try one. For you parent’s out there she is 6 and can be extremely picky and she loved these. There are so many options out there for kids, teens, and adults alike to discover new ways of enjoying food.

Make it awesome and now you know, when you want em, fries are just a few chops away!