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Hello beautiful people, how are you today? As a note on what you are about to read next I wanted to inform you that this post was written several months ago on December 4th 2013, somewhere over the atlantic ocean. In retrospect I don’t think I was quite aware of what I was typing as I probably should have been sleeping. But as I am sitting down now to begin on this journey of sharing my lifestyle, thoughts, and hopefully delicious recipes and advice from people I respect and myself…I came back to this. Though it was written in a different time and everything has changed since then, it struck me as important. This is the essence of my passion, to find beauty, freedom, and people to connect across the globe. So as I welcome you I wanted to take you on a journey through time and into my mind nearly a year ago where everything was possible…and still is, in an entirely new way. And it speaks a lot of the essence of the community I’d like to create here.

If you decide to join me, I’ll see you at the end of the page with a special treat! Don’t miss the wonderful Rachelle’s feature at the end!

“To Be Free”

What is the meaning? What word or thought comes to mind?

Do you consider yourself “free”?

I’m sitting in an airplane, the stars are out, and I can’t help but feel that my life is about to begin.

Come with me.

If you had told me a year ago that I would be here, writing in the sky on my way across the ocean…well…I would have laughed, loudly. And not the laugh that rings like a tiny bell, soft and sweet to the ear, but the laugh that boarders on the cusp of a meltdown. A big one. A nasty, girly, scary, wide-eyed-monster-with-frizzyhair-meltdown. I know right? Crazy. But let me tell you a little secret. Sometimes….The best opportunities in the world…are simply terrifying.

So what do we do? The “muggle” answer (yes, muggle from our beloved Harry Potter) is to remain…steady…
Now wait. Stop.
Listen to that word, say it. Does it roll of your tongue? Or does it stick there, hard to be rid of. Of course we cannot judge our poor words for their distinct ring as they are spoken, or lack thereof, for they are not their own makers. But that does not mean we cannot be.

That is the start of the meaning of freedom to me. What shall it be to you?

Now back to our word. Are you steady? I am not. In fact I hope to never be. I told you I was crazy, didn’t I? Now let me explain why. To be steady, in my definition, is to cease reaching for something greater. And that I will never do. Let me not confuse you though. Steadiness has its place and I do not discount it, however as long as it pairs hand in hand with living….really living, and never settling for less than you or I deserve. And we do deserve. Promise me you won’t forget that.
We deserve laughter and love, abundance and wealth, and most importantly, we deserve to believe this.

As I sit here and type there is an ever present sense of joy and excitement (and sheer exhaustion, I’m not like Cinderella, I do in fact get cranky and tired and my hair could never stay in a little blue ribbon…ever) building inside me as our destination edges closer, hour by hour, second by second. The kind attendant just leaned to take my meal, her question of whether I was finished or not first posed in English and then quickly followed by French, and all I can do is smile.
There’s a man a few feet away, he stands, slouching gracefully to lean in and converse rapidly with a colleague, his shoes shine as if recently buffed, his gray hair showing not age but sophistication, the bright yellow scarf, left to dangle lazily around his neck, adding a touch of youth and humor, leaving me to wonder who this man is. The deep lines around his mouth form words I cannot understand and yet I still feel them, the roll and vibration, the sheer awe of being already immersed in an entirely different culture. It is beautiful.
And now here we are hours later. The pressure in my ears is growing greater and the sky is no longer a mass of nothingness but tinged with pink and icy blue, I find myself wishing desperately I had a window seat to peer out of. Ah well, I am craning my neck and looking awkwardly past strangers, but it is worth it. Good morning Paris, it’s nice to meet you. I’ve been waiting all my life.

So you see, this speaks of freedom, believing, to me, to my heart. There is nothing here that brings to mind the word steady, safe, or comfortable (literally, as there is a lot of turbulence). And yes it is frightening. I, personally, am terrified. But it is the kind of fear that builds stronger inside as one dances closer to change, opportunity, life. With this feeling we should know, or guess, that this is the kind of risk to take. The one that expands our being, challenges us. Whether it be eating your eggs scrambled instead of over easy or leaping out of a plane, an amateur skydiver. Choose your expansion, you do not have to lose yourself or control in the process. But make a choice, every day to expand. And see what happens.

Now perhaps this is the perception of naivety, coming from a young girl on a virgin flight to Europe, with ideas of wonder and Glamor…or just maybe it is reality, and to be perceived as beautifully by everyone. If you give yourself the chance.
Will you?

Think about it. What speaks to your soul, what words ring with freedom to your ears? Maybe you know, or you are satisfied where you are. But perhaps, just teasing at the edge of your mind, barely there but with room to grow, you yearn for more. More life, words, experiences. Or could it be the words are not yet there? For there are so many, dazzling, glamorous, different. So I propose to you that we take this journey together, to find these words, this freedom. Mine starts here, in Paris, and what better place? For Glamor, luxury, expansion, and the essence of experience. For years I have dreamed of this place, this country. And by speaking and believing I find myself in a place so full of passion and eloquence I find it hard to breathe.

Again I say…Come with me. And choose your way, will it be steady as stone or wild on wings? Whichever, let it be full, and find Glamor in every choice you make.

Au revoir!

~ Hello again, did that leave you feeling something other than yourself? I certainly hope so.

I promised a treat, yes? Well here it is, our guest Rachelle Lo on “Finding Your Deserve” and below that a snippet of just one of her beautiful meals to show you how you can completely enjoy eating and living, leaving behind thoughts of “dieting” and deprivation in the dust. We are here to live. So begin today…

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