Don’t leave without checking our “Begin” page and watching our feature of Rachelle Lo on “Finding Your Deserve” and then an example of a glamorous meal to show you that your journey, whether it be weightloss or something entirely different, will be something you’ll never regret beginning.

About: Gigi Lo and A Little Glamm’s mission.

“It’s easy to be glamorous. The hard part…is believing that you are.” I have always loved the word glamor. There, now you know one thing about me you didn’t know before. For starters the way the word rolls off the tongue, it tastes like spices and lipgloss, looks like skyscrapers or flappers, sounds like a lady’s voice, swelling up for a tune, and the snap of flashbulbs from a dinosaur camera we see in the movies. It entices a feeling of excitement and ..something that dazzles in everyone’s hearts. But there are more subtle versions too and I want to find them. I’d like to find them in myself, as a matter of fact. Whether it’s the gaudy, big lights of a stage, or the small inhale before a sip of tea. I’m tired of walking and not -pardon my cliché – taking time to smell the roses. I’m ready to see the treasures all around us and within us.

My name is Gigi Lo, I have a soul much older than the 17 years I’ve lived.

One thing you must know before anything, anything else is that Tea Time is the most important time of my day.

Ok now we may continue…

I am a lover of books, experiences, life, and freedom. I want to own a motorcycle. I should have been born in France even though my French is terrible. Activities I enjoy are endless and most of the time impossible (i.e. flying, living in the clouds, physically entering the fantasy worlds of my favorite novels, and attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy) I have been blessed and cursed in being raised in a family of 7 children (yes! yikes!) with two parents who have given me a life unique from the rest of the world.

In one such way is that I am homeschooled and have been my whole life.

I may not be able to tell you scientific facts about a brain but I can read two novels in one night.

I love food. Period. You’ll see.

I am a dancer – aren’t we all? – in training in the styles of ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, hip hop, and of course the wild kind one does when home alone. I am lucky to always be learning more about the connection between mind and body, music and movement, and the frustration of not always being perfect but learning to choose excellence.

I have been asked many times what my plans are for my future with some assumptions always attached (i.e. what colleges are you looking at? Have you taken your tests? What job do you see yourself doing? Aren’t you excited to figure out your major? You have a great personality…you should go into retail..) and I can’t help but smile at all of them and sometimes simply nod my head when there is not enough time.

But when I do have the time….

I have been extremely lucky to watch my dad – Doctor Ben Lo – transition, after attending MIT and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and then going on to do a family practice residency and fellowship in the Chicago area, into a journey of freedom and partnership along with my wonderful mom – Rachelle Lo or Newbuffgal – and an international team of professionals across the globe. And I have enjoyed watching their journey over the past 12 years of my life and being blessed by it in turn. My trips to Europe – here – were made possible by the wonderful partners we have expanded with across the ocean without having even been there.

You can learn more about my dad’s personal journey here and how the decisions and details of my parents have changed the course of my life.

With a skip of joy and a giddy nervousness I am so excited to share that I too have chosen (when I say chosen I mean decided to dive in, I’ve known this was in my future since the first experience of the people and company) to partner and expand with this international group of entrepreneurs, and to make a difference in the world. Working on a 4 year plan instead of the 40 year plan most people are on. Creating freedom for my own future as well as developing the skills of others, especially the upcoming generation, to join and partner with me to defy the status quo and expand beyond our wildest dreams. To think differently. 

And speaking of partnerships and journey…

If you didn’t guess from the gaudy introduction the most important thing I want to share with you on this blog is that life is beautiful and you have the choice to see it every day. Some days are hard, some days we want to stop and turn off the positive, shut off the world. So here we are going to take time to develop ourselves, eat wonderful food, find deserve, and be absolutely and totally fabulous..

So why not pause and take a breath…and come with me to find a little bit of Glamor every day.

Let the journey begin!


(updated version with new haircut coming soon!)

Gigi Lo

Fluently Glamorous Entrepreneur and lover of Life.